SCImago Journal Rank and Sound Sleep Health Impact Factor

Impact score

because Sound Sleep Health has an h-index of 31, which measures the journal’s productivity and citation impact The h-index is based on the number of citations. after all, a journal receives and is calculated using data from the Scopus database The journal’s ISSN is 23527218, which stands for International Standard Serial Number. It is the standard for recognizing journal articles, books, and other media.

The impact factor is calculated using data from more than 12,000 journals The impact factor is the ratio of articles cited in the previous. year to those published in the current year It’s based on data from SCOPUS and includes articles published over the last two years. because The more citations a journal has, the higher its impact factor.

The Sleep Health journal is published by the National Sleep Foundation and is the organization’s official journal Its aim is to explore. the role of sleep in human health and well-being The journal’s research and articles encompass diverse areas of sleep-related research. that is to say, It has recently won the PROSE Award from the Association of American Publishers, a prestigious award for scholarly and professional publishing.


A new special issue of Sleep Health journal by the National Sleep Foundation highlights the central role of sleep in the family. Research has shown that sleep affects individual functioning, relationship quality, and overall family health The journal is published. by the National Sleep Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving public health and quality of life.

This issue focuses on the use of the RU-SATED, a self-assessment tool that includes dimensional components of sleep. It also incorporates an overall framework for sleep health that focuses on wellness rather than illness. Researchers can use the RU-SATED as an additional assessment tool.

More studies are needed to understand how sleep affects the population’s health Sleep quality and duration can be significantly correlated. with a number of health outcomes, including a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Sound Sleep Health

SCImago journal rank Sound Sleep Health

A SCImago journal rank and sound sleep-health impact factor are a way to gauge the quality of sleep-related publications. The SNIP is calculated using data from Scopus and Web of Science. The SNIP is an important factor because it helps authors decide where to publish their work. The closed circle represents the highest value; an open circle indicates the lowest value.

An ISSN, or International Standard Serial Number, is a unique eight-digit number for publications. This number is used in the publishing world and postal system to reference an article. In addition, the SCImago journal rank and impact factor are a way to judge the scientific influence of a journal. The SCImago journal rank and impact factor take into account the citations that a journal has received. Journals with a higher SNIP have more impact.

In terms of impact, Sound Sleep Health has a score h-index of 31. This is an indicator of the publication’s citation impact and productivity. If the score is greater than three, a publication is considered high-quality. If it falls below three, the publication is regarded as average.

ISSN Sound Sleep Health

The ISSN of the Sleep Health journal is 23527218. after all, This standard abbreviation is used for scientific journals, which meet all of the essential criteria of ISO 4 (International Standard Serial Number). The journal covers a wide range of topics related to Neuropsychology, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Social Sciences.

Sleep Health is the official journal of the National Sleep Foundation. It was launched in 2015 and examines the relationship between sleep and population health. The journal covers a variety of sleep-related fields, bringing a social science perspective to the subject. In 2016, the journal was awarded a PROSE Award, an honor given to scholarly and professional journals that achieve high standards of excellence.

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