Blink Fitness Medford, Oregon: How Much Is Personal Training At Blink Fitness

Blink Fitness Medford

Blink Fitness Medford is a small gym with well-spaced equipment. On one side, you’ll find cardio machines, while on the other, you’ll find free weights and resistance machines. There’s also a functional training area at the back of the gym. When I went to the gym, I noticed that many of the members were young adults in their 20s and 30s. The gym’s location in a neighborhood of business corporations also attracts a lot of young professionals, especially during the evenings.

Women’s-only area

If you’re looking for a new gym, you should check out Blink Fitness in Medford. This small but functional fitness center has a good mix of male and female members. The gym features cardio machines on one side and free weights and resistance machines on the other. There is also a functional training area and stretching room in the back corner. Members at Blink Fitness tend to be young adults in their 20s and 30s. It’s located near a business district, and you can see many young professionals working out here in the evenings.

The gym has a large variety of free weights and strength machines, including squat racks and power cages. However, its dumbbells only go up to 90 pounds, which makes it less convenient for powerlifters. There are also several benches, squat racks, and a decent selection of barbells and plates. However, there are no deadlift platforms.

Blink Fitness Medford

Free Wi-Fi

Blink Fitness is proud to announce its return to the Medford and Beverly area after a brief closure. The gym is open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. These hours allow the company to conduct a thorough cleaning process overnight. The gym looks forward to welcoming its members back.

Three membership plans Blink Fitness Medford

Blink Fitness has three different membership plans, including an introductory membership that includes a free 30-minute training session. Individual personal training sessions start at $42/session, but there are also 12-month, eight-month, and four-month membership packages available. Each of these packages drops the price to $30 per session, depending on the length of the membership.

While Blink Fitness has a decent selection of strength machines and free weights, their dumbbells only go up to 90 pounds. There is also a more laid-back attitude toward dropping and chalk than at many gyms. Powerlifters will be happy to find several squat racks and benches, and decent-quality barbells and plates. The gym does not have a deadlift platform, though.

There are three membership plans offered at Blink Fitness Medford. A no-commitment gray membership is available for those who wish to try it out. This plan requires no purchase-out fee, but you must give notice if you wish to cancel your membership. The other two options require a buy-out fee and a 12-month contract.

Blink Fitness Medford

Blink Fitness Medford Cost of membership

When you decide to join Blink Fitness, you need to know how much it will cost you. The membership fees vary depending on which type of membership you choose. You can either opt for a month-to-month membership or opt for an annual membership. Each plan comes with different terms and conditions. You will need to pay an initial purchase price and then pay a monthly subscription fee. Depending on your location, you may also be required to pay a cancellation fee.

Once you sign up for a Blink Fitness membership, you will be able to access an exclusive app. This app provides personalized fitness content to each user, based on their goals and lifestyle. You’ll need to answer several basic questions about yourself and your goals, so the content will be tailored to your needs. The Blink app is constantly improving and evolving, and this is another great benefit of the membership.

The start-up fee for a Blink Fitness membership varies from $49 to $99. This depends on the plan you choose, its location, and the plan type. After that, you’ll be responsible for paying the remaining fee during the month of January, usually between $10 and $16. Then you’ll have to pay a yearly maintenance fee in September.

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